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Christos Staikouras

Christos Staikouras analyses his party’s plan for the economy

Main opposition New Democracy deputy and shadow finance minister Christos Staikouras on Friday presented his party's plan for a "100-billion-euro explosion in investments" over the next five years, to be achieved by reaching growth rates as…

Exit from the memoranda not feasible, Staikouras says

Normality does not exist in the country and a clean exit from the programme, even if desired, is not currently feasible, stated main opposition New Democracy shadow finance minister Christos Staikouras on Monday.

ND’s Staikouras: Government’s ‘clean exit’ an illusion

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) responsible for Financial Affairs Christos Staikouras referred to a strict supervision and surveillance mechanism in Greece after the conclusion of the programme and characterised the government's optimism…