2.000 euros for every child born in Greece, says New Democracy

Main opposition New Democracy spokeswoman Maria Spyraki, referred on Monday to the commitment of party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis over the grant of 2.000 euros for each child born in our country.

Spyraki said, “Mr Mitsotakis reiterated, yesterday in Lamia, the main points of ND’s programme and its intention to support the Greek family while creating many well-paid jobs,” adding that “In particular, the president of ND spoke about its commitment to support new couples and tackle the problem of under-birth. No children will be rejected from the kindergartens, the ENFIA tax will be reduced by 30% within two years, the corporate tax will be reduced too up to 20% in the first two years of our governance, the contributions will be reduced up to 15-20%, while the minimum wage will be raised twice the rate of growth in the country. For us the question remains: who can attract foreign investments, who can incentivize the domestic ones, who can help with the liquidity of the small and medium-sized enterprises. Who can create many and well-paid jobs?”

Spyraki commented on Tsipras’ letter to the speaker of House, Nikos Voutsis, by saying “For New Democracy there is not such issue as changing the parliament’s regulation. We call on the President of the House to not raise such an issue and to respect his institutional role. Considering mr Tsipras, he needed a week to decide how to deal with the blackmailing of Panos Kammenos. Suddenly he decided to not change the parliament’s regulation, while his spokesperson had announced the opposite one week ago. The Prime Minister, with a lot of arrogance, addresses this letter to the President of House as he’s a subordinate of him, ignoring the fact that the House controls the government and not vice versa”.

She also said, “Mr Tsipras, with all this process, has just managed to certify that the majority he rules, is only an occasional majority. Apart from that, he showed that he’s ready to give in his formerly irreplaceable partner’s demands.”

“On May 26 the European elections will take place, where our representatives are going to be elected for the European Parliament. Apart from that, we have to see if the national elections will converge with the European, while the municipal and the regional ones are already planned. What we can say with certainty is that the sooner the national polls are being set, the better,” she added.

For Skopje’s accession protocol to NATO, Spyraki explained that “ND has made a stand since the very beggining of the issue. As for mr Kammenos’ reaction, he had the opportunity of stopping this agreement and avoid the point of discussing the accession protocol in the Greek Parliament. He had the opportunity to vote in favor of ND’s motion of censure before the ratification of Prespes Agreement, but he didn’t do it. We have a clear position over the issue and we’ve expressed it: we will vote against the accession protocol.”

Finally, about the vote of the Greeks abroad, Spyraki said “New Democracy has presented thrice, in front of the parliament, an amendment including a complete, concrete and directly applicable regulation. We repeat, therefore, that New Democracy insists on the Greeks abroad’s right to vote the party they desire from their place of residence.”

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