The Balkans to become again the epicentre of peace, cooperation and co-growth, says PM Tsipras

“We have formed a very good team that has learned to combine, play well and through the good cooperation, particularly in the sectors of infrastructures and energy, can score very soon” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said after the conclusion of Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania Quadrilateral meeting in Belgrade on Saturday.

“EU owes to give a positive vision and speak with confidence for the Western Balkans” he said and expressed the hope EU Romanian presidency to proceed with the European asylum mechanism procedure and with the sharing of responsibility with the first reception countries.”

The Quadrilateral cooperation has promoted the region of the Balkans a region that can offer to Europe and not as a second class region that Europe will address with sympathy attempting to impose its own conditions. The Balkans must become again the centre of peace, cooperation, and co-growth and this passes only through the widening of EU, the Greek prime minister said.

Once again we underlined the importance of Serbia’s accession to EU for the region, said Tsipras adding that “We are before serious challenges. We want to send a message of optimism and in parallel the message that all the countries of the peninsula should follow the example we are giving today for cooperation and base their vision for their integration in EU on the meeting of their obligations and on the need to comply with the European acquis. The respect of the international law, the respect for the minorities’ rights and the safeguarding of the rule of law are inviolable conditions for their accession in EU” Tsipras said.

Source ANA-MPA
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