PM Tsipras’ message on 10th anniversary of Grigoropoulos’ shooting

“The demands of young people against autocracy, fear, totalitarianism and arbitrariness continue to be relevant today,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wrote on Thursday, in a statement posted on his website for the 10th anniversary since the murder of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot down by a police officer in the Athens district of Exarchia in 2008.

The statement continues:

“The younger generation is the most sensitive section of our society, the one that first rises up in revolt and for that reason we will never ask of it to be quiet and go back to the nursery. On the contrary, we want young people to find a language and a way to speak up, to participate in the shaping of our public life. December [2008] was not just about fires, Molotov cocktails and clashes with the police; it also included hundreds of participatory social actions that took various forms across the country.”

“In that sense, it was truly an image from the future. Not the future of fatalistically accepting the fascist and authoritarian dystopia that is on the rise in Europe today, of mindlessly destroying the environment or of the large flows of refugees fleeing wars and great economic crises. Rather, it was an image from a future where people can militantly express their political demands for a society that offers social and political equality, respect for civil and social rights, equality of opportunity and social protection for one and all. We remember December. We do not forget Alexandros. It is on the ground where he is buried that we have built our gardens and our towns.”

Source ANA-MPA
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