‘We are changing Greece,’ Pappas says at event presenting first pilot 5G network

“Today we are seeing a tangible example of how the private sector and the state can work together, both on the level of central government and that of local authorities, and take the necessary steps to accelerate the development of new technologies, ensuring that these are distributed fairly throughout society,” Digital Policy, Communications and Media Minister Nikos Pappas said on Thursday. Pappas was speaking at an event organised by OTE Group to present Greece’s first pilot 5G network, to be set up in the Athens suburb of Zografou.

“We are assisting in the development of major infrastructure, we are changing the country,” Pappas added, noting that the new technology could improve people’s lives on many levels, from how they communicate to how they commute and entertain themselves.

In an outdoor area of the Zografou municipality, OTE presented applications that will be available to the public once the network is up and running. These included a demonstration of simulated telesurgery using a Virtual Reality (VR) mask through an Internet of Skills application, holographic transportation that allows people in different locations to talk at the same place in real time and real-time participation in sports events using VR.

Telecommunications and Post Secretary General Vassilis Maglaras noted that Greece was one of the first countries to adopt the new technology, “which constitutes a change of paradigm for communications and the broader field of new technologies.” He said that this was brought about by bringing mobile phone companies into contact with universities conducting research and passing legislation to prepare Greece to incorporate the new technologies.

Source ANA-MPA
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