Humanitarian crises are not resolved by money alone, deputy mayor of Lesvos tells Swiss delegation

“The humanitarian crises are not resolved by money alone but by each one assuming their responsibility individually,” said the deputy mayor of Lesvos Anastasia Antonelli welcoming at the Mytilini town hall a delegation of the Swiss government that is visiting the island.

“Even if funding is very important – and we thank you for it – we would prefer you accepted in Switzerland as many unaccompanied children as you can, offering hope and a way out to young children that are experiencing their uprooting all alone,” Antonelli said.

Manuel Bessler, head of the delegation of the humanitarian aid department of the Federal Government of Switzerland, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s programme Dieter Dreyer and the Ambassador of Switzerland to Greece Olaf Kjelsen along with special consultants of the General Secretary for Migration of Switzerland, are visiting on Thursday to examine matters pertaining to the management of the migration crisis on the island.

The deputy mayor presented to them issues relating to the island and analysed all the initiatives and actions assumed by the municipality. Bessler referred to Switzerland’s actions on the management of the asylum seekers in Europe, with a focus on the donation of a money from the Swiss State to the UN Refugee Agency.

On his part, the Swiss envoy thanked Antonelli for the detailed briefing that helped him better understand conditions, in order to be able to direct his country’s assistance where it is more needed.

Source ANA-MPA


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