The American capital market will support Greek businesses through ‘Roots’ initiative, says Pyatt

“The US is committed to bolstering the development of Greek economy and entrepreneurship,” US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said on Wednesday, speaking at the presentation of “Roots”, an initiative launched jointly by the Athens Exchange and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

Roots is a platform set up to foster the development prospects of small and medium-sized and start-up businesses and facilitate their access to funding by mobilizing the wider ecosystem of the Greek capital market. Its work centers on supporting innovation and helping ambitious businessmen and women prepare for the next stage of their business via transfer of know-how and exchange of best practices.

Pyatt, the creative force behind Roots, said that the American capital market will support the program in the same way that large-scale American businesses showed their commitment to supporting Greek entrepreneurs during the Thessaloniki International Fair.

President of the Greek Exchange Giorgos Handjinicolaou stressed that the program “aspires to prepare new businesses for effectively raising capital and to reinforce the role of the capital market as source of funding for the economy.”

Source ANA-MPA
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