EU Commissioner Cretu announced increase of European Funds for Greece

European Commissioner Corina Cretu announced the increase of European Funds to Greece in the next programme period 2021-2027, in an interview.

Cretu said that approximately an additional 1.5 bln euros is proposed for Greece in comparison with the period 2014-2020. She stated that the funds of the programme “Competitiveness” will focus on the strengthening of small and medium size enterprises competitiveness and said that the European Funds is expected to activate 11 million euros for investments to support 20,000 SMEs in Greece.

However, she underlined that despite the progress made, more efforts are necessary in the solid waste management as well as in the implementation of programmes in the area of digital technologies and e-governance adding that a total of 2 billion euros are still available from European Funds for investments in these sectors.

Source ANA-MPA
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