French Ambassador Chantepy: Trust in Greek economy can and should return

Greece proved in the last two years that is in position to exceed the fiscal targets, it reconnects with growth and reduces the unemployment” stated French Ambassador to Greece Christophe Chantepy on Sunday noting in parallel that “the trust can and should return”.

He referred to the “strong dynamic of the Greek youth” and the multiple and innovative potentials for growth offered by the Greek agriculture, the renewable energy sources, the tourism and the infrastructures that can attract investments and turn Greece into Europe’s gateway.

The French presence in Greece was, and continues to be dynamic despite the crisis, with subsidiaries of French groups in Greece with 13,000 employees while in the last three years there is a cooperation on the administrative reform and the interest for future investments constantly renewed.

Referring to French President Emmanuel Macron proposals on a new start for Europe, he noted that 22 of the 49 proposals are being already implemented. Especially on the citizens protection, a need that the French president promotes, Chantepy referred to the plan for a European Defence Fund on the European Civil Protection and the strengthening of Frontex for the protection of the borders.

On the recent achievements of the European cooperation, the French ambassador referred to the taxation of the digital giants, the creation of twenty European universities until 2025 and of a European Innovation Bureau. This progress made in the last year “is in the heart of the issues that preoccupy the European citizens” he said and “characterised “wrong” the impression that Europe is isolated from its citizens.

On the possibility of a tension in the eastern Mediterranean due to the hydrocarbons research in which participates the French group Total, Chantepy said to ANA that “we have already made clear to our Turkish interlocutors our worries over the tension in the eastern Mediterranean” adding that “France always supported Cyprus’ sovereignty right to research and exploit its natural resources, according to the European and the international law”.

In parallel, Chantepy noted that EU has interest in “a stable and prosperous Turkey” adding that they have a close cooperation on their mutual interests as “the migration issue, tackling terrorism and of course the situation in Syria because Turkey constitutes an indispensable factor”.

Finally, he referred to the innovation network “MAZINNOV” which is his “own child» and has already brought results. Two forums with the participation of many Greeks and French startups during which 20 Greek startups were adopted by French groups while on October 11 a Greek delegation of startuppers, organised by the French Embassy, will leave for Paris to take part in the largest innovation event, the BIG.

Chantepy said that the development of innovation is “the salt of growth” that Greece needs to stop the drain brain. “Today we transform the slogan Greece-France-Alliance into Greece-France-Innovation, he concluded.

Source ANA-MPA
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