Bullman to address event on the future of Europe in Athens

The leader of the Socialist and Democrats Group in the European Parliament (S&D) Udo Bullman will be a keynote speaker at an event on the future of Europe, organised by the S&D Group and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Athens.

Before the lecture, Bullman will visit the areas where 99 people lost their lives in the July 23 fires.

“A few months before the European elections I consider this visit extremely important for a better Europe. We are not coming to Athens just to congratulate the Greek people on exiting the third memorandum after eight difficult years, but we also come to prove that we need to change Europe’s economic and social model in order to have a better future for our children,” Bullman said in a statement on the occasion of his visit to Athens.

“The Greek crisis,” he said, “is the result of a lack of real European economic coordination and policies imposed by right-wing parties that prioritise markets over people,” he said, noting that their “misleading doctrines” had failed to restore acceptable living standards and dignity to the Greeks.

“We are coming to Greece because, as socialists and democrats, we offer an alternative. We propose a Europe that does not exclude, that is open, fair, sustainable and works for the many, not the few,” he added.

“We want to assure the Greek people that we will continue to be on their side and after the end of the memorandum. We want to make sure that the European Parliament will be in a position to monitor the post-programme period surveillance and ensure its integrity and fairness,” he noted.

“We will continue to fight for human working conditions and better wages in Europe, against youth unemployment and the weakening of younger generations. Last but not least, we will work for the right reforms in the eurozone so that the Greek crisis will not reappear in the future,” he underlined and added:

“We are also coming to Greece to express our deepest condolences for the tragic losses after the summer fires in Mati. We will continue to work for a Europe that will further defend the countries affected by climate change and provide the necessary European support.”

Source ANA-MPA
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