Dimitris Vitsas: Greece has an open road with settled debts and opportunities ahead

“We are in a completely different phase. We have an open road ahead of us, with settled debts and therefore potential,” Migration Policy Minister Dimitris Vitsas said late on Wednesday at a party conference.

Vitsas underlined that the government has successfully combatted corruption and tax evasion, improved tax compliance, resulting in higher revenues.

He also referred to the efforts to reform Greece’s production model. He explained that the government has laid the foundations for Greece to produce value, as well as remodelling production to bring about growth.

Vitsas stressed the importance of tourism, which is constantly growing, even on the northeastern Aegean islands worst affected by the migration crisis, he said.

Another important issue, he said, is redistribution. In this new period, he explained, Greece will restore its sovereignty both in terms of economy and social, human and labour rights.

“We set the country on a development course and now we want continuity and sustainability. We have earned the trust of the creditors as we are meeting the targets and this is significant,” the minister stressed.

Source ANA-MPA
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