Lack of respect towards Greece must stop, says Foreign Ministry

Today’s statements from the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry is a typical example of a lack of respect towards a third country, said the Greek Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

This also shows a lack of understanding of the modern word, in which states, regardless of size, have autonomy and can exercise independent, multidimensional and democratic foreign policy, the statement added.

“This sort of negative logic moved the four Russian nationals to take steps that led to their deportation or to the banning of their entry into Greece. The evidence, based on which Greece took action, had been presented in a timely manner to the Russian authorities. Besides, the Russian authorities themselves have good knowledge of what their people are doing,” the statement said.

“This continued lack of respect towards Greece must stop. No one has the right, or can intervene, in its internal affairs,” it added.

“Finally, the baseless claim that this decision was made after pressure from a third party, is not worthy of a comment and shows a mentality of people that do not understand the principals and values of Greek foreign policy,” it said.

Source ANA-MPA
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