PM Tsipras on twitter: Prespes Agreement with FYROM ‘a great diplomatic victory’

The agreement to rename FYROM as the Republic of North Macedonia was a diplomatic victory that would put an end to irredentist claims arising through its current constitutional name and establish Greece’s place as a leading force in the Balkans, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a series of tweets on his “Prime Minister GR” account on Friday.

“The Prespes Agreement, which calls for the renaming of FYROM to Republic of North Macedonia erga omnes is a great diplomatic victory. The Greek government defending the red lines of our national position as this was shaped in the last 20 years and more,” Tsipras said.

Attached to the last tweet was a video of Tsipras addressing FYROM PM Zoran Zaev on the telephone in English, warning him that they will both face many difficulties, as well as scenes from the signing ceremony in Prespes and the prime minister talking to aides and staff.

“Zoran, do you know the region of Prespes?…This is Balkans, this is politics. You will face many difficulties, I will face also difficulties but I think the history will vindicate us,” Tsipras is shown as saying, while a voice heard through a speakerphone agrees with him.

In a subsequent tweet, Tsipras noted that the agreement established standing Greek claims relating to its national past but also the present and future. “A strong Greece, a beacon of culture, history and values, a Greece that is a pillar of stability in the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe,” he said.

“We are opening a window of solidarity, friendship and cooperation, prosperity and joint development between our people,” he continues, while the agreement “establishes our country as a leading force in the Balkans and a true pillar of stability in a deeply wounded region.”

The tweet contains a link to the prime minister’s official web page, with a more detailed analysis of the benefits of the agreement, under the headline “The Prespes Agreement is a great diplomatic victory and a great history opportunity.”

The 140 countries that now recognise FYROM with its constitutional name would from now on refer to that country as Republic of North Macedonia, Tsipras pointed out, since the name would apply for all uses, both within and outside that country. The prime minister also highlighted that, for the first time, the agreement expressly stated that Greece’s northern neighbours have no claim, either now or in the future, to the ancient Greek civilisation of Macedonia. With respect to nationality, he added, Greece’s northern neighbours would now also be known as Citizens of North Macedonia and recognised as such in Greece.

Source ANA-MPA
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