Alexis Tsipras to NATO leaders: Greece strives for resolution of disputes, global peace and stability

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras noted the need for mutual respect between NATO member-states, bold decisions for the resolution of regional and international disputes and progress in the dialogue with Russia, while addressing the working dinner for NATO heads of state and government that wrapped up the first day of the summit on Wednesday.

According to government sources, the prime minister said that Greece was a country that, in spite of the great difficulties it is facing, was striving for the resolution of disputes and stability in its wider region, while supporting efforts for the resolution of international disputes and to promote world peace and stability.

Among actions taken by Greece in this direction, the sources said, Tsipras listed:

The continued dialogue with Turkey on a regional level, in spite of the difficulties, and the steps take to resolve the name dispute with FYROM, as well as Athens’ active support for the European prospects of the Western Balkans.

Its support on an international level of the talks between the United States and North Korea to denuclearise the Korean peninsula and the dialogue with Russia, as well as its position in favour of implementing the Minsk Treaty in Ukraine.

Source ANA-MPA
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