‘We are supporting Greek industry with specific measures’, says Tsipras on Twitter

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday presented a list of five measures taken by the government to support Greek industry, in a tweet on his official prime minister’s account ‘Prime Minister GR’.

“We are supporting Greek industry with specific measures that can make it a protagonist in the export orientation of our economy. The goal is that its participation will rise to 12 pct of GDP in the medium-term,” Tsipras said in his post, following his speech at the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) general assembly on Monday night.

The five measures taken for industry, according to the prime minister, are the following:

– Interruptibility [of power supply for big consumers]

– Abolition of a special consumption tax for natural gas

– Deregulation of the electricity market

– Funding for upgrades of energy-hungry industries

– Foundation of an Energy Exchange

Source ANA-MPA
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