Europarliament political groups welcome Tsipras-Zaev agreement, says Mogherini

The European Union will continue to accompany and support negotiations between Greece and FYROM on the name issue, High Representative of the European Union on foreign policy issues Federica Mogherini said on Thursday during a Q&A on Neighborhood and the World press conference.

Asked to comment on the agreement between the two countries, Mogherini said, “The political signals (…) were very clear and (…) these go in the direction of encouraging and supporting the continuation of the work on the agreements” between the prime ministers of the two countries, respectful of the role of the UN in the negotiations.

Asked to comment on the reception of the agreement by all Europarliament parties, when the news was announced in Strasbourg on Wednesday, Mogherini replied, “What I’ve been seeing at the European Parliament is a standing ovation for all political groups (…), which reflects the overall feeling of all political families in the Europarliament.”

Source ANA-MPA
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