KKE: Greece-FYROM agreement is the result of US, EU and NATO intervention

“The Greece and FYROM agreement was reached with the clear intervention of the USA, NATO and EU, it bears their mark and was signed based on the timetables and timelines set by these organisations in order for EuroAtlantic integration to proceed in the Western Balkans,” said the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in an announcement on Thursday.

“This target is clearly illustrated in the text of the agreement and it is not by chance that the first to welcome it were the US State Department, NATO and the EU. Consequently, it is an agreement that can’t ensure a solution in the interest of the Greek people, of the people of the neighbouring country and all the people of the region. The government’s claim that this agreement will supposedly ensure peace, cooperation and stability in the Balkans and the wider region are totally false, misleading and historically ignorant.”

Source ANA-MPA
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