Stergios Pitsiorlas: Re-opening of shipyards is a huge wager that Greece must win

The increase of EU funds to Greece in a period that EU budget is dropping indicates that Greece is being rewarded for its reforms effort and the way it addressed the migration crisis, said Deputy Economy Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas in an interview.

The possibility of the re-opening of Syros, Elefsina and Skaramangas shipyards, is a ‘huge wager’ that Greece must win, claims Pitsiorlas adding that Greece meets all the conditions to acquire a dynamic ship repair industry.

He rejects the idea of a precautionary credit line because” even if it seems more realistic, practically it is a logic of dependence and inequality that will transform our partnership relation with EU into a fixed lender-borrower relation, something that would be disastrous for the country’s course.

The minister estimated that after the exit from the memoranda the citizen “will see a change of climate in Greece that will have an impact on everything” stating that “the reforms effort will continue in order to touch the hardest core of the problems that block the Greek economy”.

Source ANA-MPA
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