Tsipras’ intervention in working dinner of the 28 EU leaders in Sofia

Europe cannot adopt a ‘bloc’ mentality but has to act on the basis of principles, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said late on Wednesday, adding that Europe must have a common stance not only on the issue of Iran, but also on other issues, such as the Palestinian problem, according to sources.

Tsipras was addressing the working dinner of the 28 EU leaders in Sofia.

The prime minister, according to the same sources, expressed his dismay and his clear opposition to Israeli actions that led to the deaths of dozens of Palestinian protesters and undermined the prospect of a solution.

He also underlined the importance of having a united EU stance in support of a two-state solution, with guarantees for Israel’s security, and resuming immediate and substantive negotiations in this direction. He added that, while the role of the United States remains essential to finding a solution, Washington’s move to unilaterally transfer their embassy to Jerusalem before proposing a comprehensive plan for peace is at the expense of the solution. He added that the EU should play a key role in the resolution of the Palestinian conflict and show a strong stance.

Moreover, the Greek prime minister stated that maintaining the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program is vital to ensuring stability in the Middle East region. He also pointed out that stability in Iran is of particular importance for the management of migration. He has reportedly said that if the deal collapses, the Iranian nuclear program could be reactivated, and other countries in the region would be tempted to pursue nuclear activities with incalculable consequences for the security of the region.

Tsipras stressed the importance of a single European message saying that it remains committed to the agreement, as long as Iran continues to comply with its own commitments. At the same time, according to the same sources, he stressed that the EU should constantly press Iran in order to contribute to regional stability, and in particular peace in Syria.

Source ANA-MPA
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