Constantinos Filis stresses need to focus on humanitarian catastrophe in Syria and Yemen

“There is need to focus on the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria and Yemen,” Constantinos Filis, Research Director of the Institute of International Relations and head of Russia-Eurasia & SE Europe, said on Wednesday in an interview.

He estimated that it is reasonable to expect new developments after the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, adding that one will have to see “whether this will cause a new Intifada.”

In any case, Filis believes that “the map is being rearranged in the region, as an axis is being formed in the region between Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel.”

This axis, he said, creates a new balance in the wider region. “With main objective Iran’s marginilisation and the limitation of its impact on regional developments, there are two wars by proxy between Iran and Saudi Arabia with the involvement of major forces,” Filis explained.

“Things are really very difficult because this US (embassy relocation) decision actually confirms the identification of the current US leadership with Israel in a region that is particularly unstable,” he concluded.

Source ANA-MPA
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