According to EU official, Greece can benefit from new EU budget

Greece can transform disadvantages into advantages and benefit from the new European budget despite a planned redistribution of funds at the expense of traditional areas and in favour of new priorities set by the European Union, George Markopouliotis, head of the Representation of the European Commission in Greece, said on Tuesday.

In an interview, Markopouliotis said the new budget tripled the sum for the European border guard and coast guard, with direct positive impact for Greece, while a projected reduction in spending on the Common Agricultural Policy could be moderated because of special economic conditions caused by the crisis and due to structural conditions, such as small ownership.

He said that the budget for Erasmus has more than doubled, the linking of a smooth transfer of funds to member-states with respect of the rule of law, along with the seeking of additional funds, were innovative approaches that could benefit Greece.

He noted that the Representation will exploit every agency and tool to promote Greece as an attractive investment destination. He added that the Representation planned, with the help of social media and in cooperation with the foreign affairs ministry, to penetrate the youth society and promote dialogue on European affairs, putting Europe in the agenda of young people ahead of the Euro-elections in 2019.

Source ANA-MPA
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