Prosecutor recommends trial for ex head of Siemens in Greece over OSE contracts in 1999

Appeals prosecutor George Voulgaris recommended on Tuesday that former managing director of Siemens in Greece, Michael Christoforakos,and another six individuals should stand trial for bribery related to contracts for materials purchased by the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) in 1999.

Besides Christoforakos, Voulgaris names Dionyssis Panagiotidis, Christoph Michael Gebauer, Reinhard Herbert Siekaczek, Bryno Norbert Flad, Friedrich Smaxvil and Hans Martin Schabert.

The case involves three contracts signed in 1999 by OSE and Siemens for the purchase of material that the state-run rail company contends harmed it financially and in some cases was delivered with delay. According to the file, Siemens’ made “beneficial payments” worth 2 million euros to prevent the activation of clauses related to delivery delays.

A council of appeals court judges will review the file and decide on whether to send the case to trial.

Source ANA-MPA
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