Kyriakos Mitsotakis: Greece is turning into an austerity colony without end

The parliamentary debate for the multi-draft of the fourth memorandum, as New Democracy (ND) names it, evolved into a “melee struggle” between Alexis Tsipras and Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

ND leader provoked the Greek Prime Minister with elections and, at the same time, attacked to Tsipras sayings the past few days.

Mr Mtsotakis seemed particularly annoyed by Maximos Mansion officials’ personal accusations of him being “porphyrinogen” and “political blusterer”. He fiercely retorted to these accusations by saying that “political blusterer” is the one who knowingly lies in order to stay in power and then claims to have delusions.

“Political blusterer” is the one who brought the country a step before leaving the European Union by betting that the parliamentary opposition would act responsibly and lay back. “Political blusterer” is the one who supported “Δεν πληρώνω” (I am not paying) movements and now he has been maddening people on foreclosures. “Political blusterer” is the one that supposedly provides Greek pensioners with a 13th pension and, at the same time, sends letters of repentance to the institutions apologising for that action. He is the one who gets elected and re-elected with amplified analogy and when he sees that he will lose the elections he votes for the simple analogy.”

At the end of his speech, Kyriakos Mitsotakis reaffirmed his demand for elections in order for “citizens who are being deadlocked to judge”.

Not a single word mentioned for pensions and minimum tax-free amount

Main opposition leader Mitsotakis also accused PM Tsipras of “speechlessness”, based on the total lack for any reference to reducing pensions, minimum tax-free amount cut and increase of self-employed insurance contributions.

He remarked that Alexis Tsipras spoke for 61 minutes about New Democracy, the Metapolitefsi, the Greek debt and the counter-measures, but not for the difficult measures. With expressions such as “You will wear a tux even on the beach in order to mask the measures you vote” and “Those who suddenly image that Mr Tsipras will turn into an effective reforming force should remember that frogs are transformed intro princes only in fairy tales”, he stated.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, from the start, unleashed his personal attack on Alexis Tsipras, while he did not fail to explain why New Democracy calls the complementary measures (as the SYRIZA – ANEL government coalition names them) the fourth Memorandum.

“Firstly, because it includes a series of commitments that are not in the third Memorandum. And secondly, because it bind the country for a period after the end of the third Memorandum. This is called the fourth Memorandum Mr Tsipras, I do not know how else you can name it!”

As for debt, the head of the Main Opposition reminded to the Prime Minister of the two different IMF viability reports. The 2014 report, referring to the Samaras – Venizelos Government actions that estimated that the Greek debt was on a fast-track path with a view to reaching 60 pct. of GDP in 2060, while February 2017 sustainability report estimates that in the year 2060 external debt will grow up to 275 pct. of GDP.

“What happened Mr Tsipras and the estimation of greece’s external debt changed? Yourself and Panos Kammenos are the ones to blame”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said and he even used a familiar joke where “the one accused of murdering his parents asks for grace because he is an orphan”.

Source ANA-MPA
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