Google: The Internet is an important tool for the development of tourism businesses

Grow Greek Tourism Online is a Google initiative aiming at boosting the digital skills of tourism professionals so that their businesses thrive through the Internet.

“The Internet is a very important tool for the development of tourism businesses since a large proportion of global sales in the tourism sector are made over the Internet,” Maria Founta, Google marketing director in Greece, Cyprus and Malta said in an event organised in Santorini.

However, she noted that that professionals in the area of tourism do not take advantage of this trend, as only 8 pct of Greek hotels and businesses use the Internet to accept bookings via their websites.

In an interview with the Athens Macedonian News Agency, Founta explained that Grow Greek Tourism Online is an initiative that Google launched in cooperation with the Tourism Ministry, the Greek Tourism Organization and the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises to help Greece’s tourism businesses to upgrade their digital skills and tools and improve their internet presence while taking full advantage of their Internet opportunities.

We inform the businesses, she added, on simple issues such as how to build a website, how to get into map services, how to get into social media, and have access to Google’s tools and more advanced topics such as how to use their mobile phones and to attract more customers.

Source ANA-MPA
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