DiscoverEU offering 350 tickets to Greeks to travel Europe for free this summer

A new European initiative, DiscoverEU, will offer 15,000 European 18-year-olds, including 315 Greeks, tickets to travel to four European countries of their choice this summer.

Applications can be submitted from Tuesday, June 12 (12:00 CET) until June 26 (12:00 CET) at the European Youth Portal:

Young people born between 2 July 1999 and 1 July 2000 are entitled to apply. The application may be submitted either individually or in groups of up to five people.

The DiscoverEU initiative focuses on young people at the age of 18, an age that marks an important step towards adulthood, in which they could get a first “idea” of the European identity. The ability to travel to European countries is expected to enable them to understand the diversity of Europe, to enjoy cultural wealth and to make new friendships.

The selected participants will be part of the DiscoverEU community and will become Ambassadors of the initiative. They will be invited to report their travel experiences on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or to make a presentation at their school or in the local community. As 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the young people selected to travel this year will have the opportunity to participate in the various events organised throughout Europe.

Source ANA-MPA
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