Cypriots place Greece in the top of the list for their vacations

Greece remains the first on the list with the most favorite destinations of the Cypriots, with 539.452 visitors in 2016. The rate of increase compared to 2015 was 15,7%, according to data from the Cyprus Statistical Office.

Based on these figures, it is estimated that this year, Greece is the most popular destination for Cypriots, due to the fact that it is a very economical country, the language is the same, it has very nice places and very remarkable monuments to visit.

Moreover, according to the Statistical Service of Cyprus, June, July, August and September are preferred by 41% of Cypriot travelers who want to go abroad, as the during the same months 520.000 people traveled in 2016.

Russia is another popular choice among Cypriots, with an increase of 21.1% from 2015 (58.700 travelers). Germany follows with 35.700 travelers, but with an increase of only 5.4%. The least popular destinations for Cypriots are Romania (although it increased its rates by 8.5% from 2015), France (with an increase of 3.9%) and Bulgaria, which recorded a marginal decrease of 1.3% compared to 2015.

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