Tourism arrivals on Rhodes and Kos exceeded expectations in April

The tourist flow in April to the islands of Rhodes and Kos exceeded the most optimistic forecasts recording a 30 percent rise in comparison with the same month in 2016.

According to Fraport Greece (that has assumed the management of both airports) figures the traffic was substantially up reaching 35 pct in Rhodes and 33.4 pct in Kos airport.

More specifically, 134,978 (99,964 in April 2016) passengers arrived with charter flights on Rhodes while 69,791 to 65,164 in 2016, with domestic flights posting a 7.1 pct increase.

26,295 passengers arrived in Kos airport with charter flights in April against 19,712 in the same month in 2016 .

All figures indicate a increasing trend in the tourism flow to Kos which was certified with the arrivals of the first tourist in April.

Source ANA-MPA
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