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Why winter is the best time for a surf vacation

While most people spend the winter bundled up in lumpy down jackets and wool socks, the surfers of the world know that the season is one of the best times to, as they say, shred the gnar. Winter storms generate bigger, more consistent swells to surf

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling can take a toll on the body physically, mentally and emotionally. While travel often involves excitement and anticipation, the experience can also trigger anxiety, stress and fear.

Five summer holiday destinations for singles holidays

Holidaying as a solo traveller offers a unique opportunity to see and experience the world in the way you choose, to enjoy those special interest holidays with like-minded souls and to make long-lasting friendships that endure perhaps for a…

Top 5 beaches of the Greek Islands

Greece is famous for many things: its bright and exuberant culture, a fascinating and complex history, tales of legendary monsters and heroes and, of course, its stunning scenery and beaches.

Top five natural wonders of the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are known for many things. Sometimes for their unique cultures or their history, perhaps even their beaches and nightlife. However, one thing people often forget about...

11 Greek beaches among the top 50 in Europe

The “Sunday Times” features the 50 best beaches in Europe,  following a survey among readers and recording the impressions of the thousands of tourists who visit their favorite beach during their summer vacation each year.