FIFA’s Hubel to recommend football ‘Grexit’ in his report

Herbert Hubel, the chairman of the monitoring committee for Greek football, will recommend in his report to FIFA that Greek football teams – including the national team – be excluded from all international competitions, without any suspension or grace period.

Based on his statements at a press conference in Athens, it was clear that Hubel was not satisfied with the plan presented by the Greek Football Federation (EPO) and its chief Vangelis Grammenos during their meeting in Athens earlier in March.

“The current situation does not allow EPO to guarantee that national tournaments will be conducted smoothly,” Hubel said in his report.

Hubel’s report will be delivered to the FIFA Member Associations Committee and discussed in May or June, something that means that there is time to make some changes but also that time is running out for the Greek football.

Source ANA-MPA


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