Jennifer Aniston believes that ”Friends” would not be successful today

Greek – American actress Jennifer Aniston stated recently that the favourite 90’s TV series “Friends” would not be successful, if it was released these days.

The famous Hollywood star has documented her view of the habits of today’s society, especially young people. As she said, if a similar project was to come back today, it would depict today’s groups, who are all but discussing, or cooking among others.

What would they do? “The stars would sit alone in one corner and watch their mobile and social media, as well” said the 48-year-old actress, sending a message to young children in particular, who do not enjoy the company, the contact and the peculiarity of the moment.

“There would be no energy in the episodes, and there would be no talks,” Jennifer Aniston added.

Nevertheless, ”Friends” is being promoted globally even today and seizes a competent audience, especially those who have lived the magic of the company and know how valuable was the process s for the spirit, body and psychology of man.

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