Study shows that men are more vulnerable to respiratory infections than women

A Canadian study shows that respiratory infections may actually be more damaging to the male body than to females.

According to data published in the BMJ paper, researchers at Memorial University, state that “there are many pathophysiological differences between men and women, so it makes sense to vary their reactions to a common cold or flu viruses” .

According to the head of the research, data from many recent studies show that men have a weaker immune system than women, especially when it comes to viral respiratory infections.

Experts observed a series of studies done on animals and humans to compare how the symptoms of influenza occur in men and women.

A study in Hong Kong concluded that the flu infects both sexes, but adult men face a greater risk of women being hospitalized.

Another US survey shows that men face a higher risk of death from influenza than women.

Also, another study focusing on influenza and other respiratory infections, concluded that men face a greater risk of complications than women.

These studies come to respond to the common belief that men are simply more exaggerated when they get sick. However, clinical evidence suggests that men suffer more when infected with influenza or common cold.

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