Eye lenses: Common mistakes that we should avoid

Most teens who wear contact lenses, do not make proper use of them, resulting in an increased risk of serious eye infections.

A survey on contact lenses users aged between 12 to 17-years-old reveals that 85% of people have at least one risky behavior that threatens their vision, such as sleeping for a few or several hours without removing their lenses or re-using cleaning solutions and rinsing the lenses with saliva or water. Moreover, many people do not replace lenses as often as it is necessary, while others rarely change storage pockets.

“Mistakes when using contact lenses are a global phenomenon and we often see patients with serious eye infections because of them,” says surgeon-ophthalmologist and Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at  Medical School, New York UniversityAnastasios J. Kanellopoulos.

The biggest mistake someone can make is sleeping and forgetting to remove his eye lenses (even if they are day and night lenses), because this increases the risk of corneal inflammation due to his lack of oxygenation (the condition is called non-infectious keratitis and is relatively mild). More serious condition will be if the cornea is infected by microbes that either exist in the lens or live on the surface of the eye. In this case the patient has bacterial keratitis, which can happen even after a few hours of sleeping with the lenses.


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