Measles cases are increased in Greece – 196 cases confirmed

Thirty new measles cases were added in the last week, bringing the total number to 196, according to the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Pevention.

In the vast majority, there are people of Greek nationality (mainly young children from Roma communities and people from the general population, mostly in the 25-44 age group) including health care professionals, who were not vaccinated. Laboratory confirmation of other cases is expected in the coming period, and the increase in cases cannot be ruled out, HCDCP reports.

The chairman of the Hellenic Paediatric Society, Andreas Konstantopoulos, said that 350.000 children aged 15 months to four years are not vaccinated and only 100.000 MMR vaccinations have been made in the last month. Finally, he added that the number of Greeks born after 1970 and have received a dose of either – or none – of the measles vaccine, is still unknown.

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