Can smoking and exercise be combined properly for health?

Smoking and exercise is one of the most bizarre combinations. Exercise and cigarette usually cannot co-exist. Besides, they are not in accordance with their purposes. With physical exercise, we improve our health, our heart function, and our respiratory system, as well.

Smoking, on the other hand is able to destroy all of the above. Although those who exercise and at the same time smoke, are not the majority, however, there is a significant percentage that prefer this combination. Below are presented the consequences of this bad combination can bring to your health, as well as ways to help you get rid of it.

The nicotine contained in the cigarette increases the heart rate and blood pressure. The heart of a smoker, who is exercising, therefore, speeds up his pace in order to be able to cope with the additional demands of exercise.

According to scientific research, the risk of a heart attack or even death increases five times more for a smoker, compared to someone who does not smoke. So if you are a smoker but want to start exercising you may need to pay attention to the following:

  • A medical check before joining a fitness program is considered necessary, especially if it is an aerobic exercise.
  • Once you check if you are fully healthy, ask for your doctor’s advice and the suggested physical exercise that is consistent with your health status.
  • Moreover, you shall take frequent breaks between exercises and do not exercise more than three times a week.
  • Ask your doctor or trainer to suggest you programs that will help you initially reduce and then stop this harmful habit to your health.

If you chose to start physical exercise, you have already taken the first step to improve your health. The next step is to stop smoking and so ensure a better quality in your life. Do not waste another time and start immediately.

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