“Love your Local Market” to be held at Rentis Vegetable Market on 4 May

The largest market festival, “Love your Local Market“, will be held this year at the Rentis Vegetable Market on Friday, May 4.

Greece’s Central Market and Fisheries Organization, as a member of WUWM (World Union of Wholesale Markets), has been participating for the fourth consecutive year in the pan-European institution “Love Your Local Market”, and organizes a great celebration with a number of events and actions, with free admission, at the premises of the Central Market of Athens.

This year’s campaign, with the message “Markets: close to your heart”, focuses on the relationship of the inhabitants with the most dynamic part of the city, where the heart of its market beats.

The aim is to strengthen the relationship between the markets, consumers and local communities, as well as the wholesale and retail markets, the meeting of small and large local markets and the emergence of quality products traded on the markets of the whole country, from the Athens Central Market, supplier with the best raw materials in the Greek market and the majority of consumers.

The Rentis Vegetable Market will open its doors to the public with musical visual and gastronomic events, at 5 pm until late at night.

Source ANA-MPA


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