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Yoghurt diet: How to lose weight fast

This is a very strict diet and so, you should not do it for more than seven days. Moreover, before you start this diet you should be aware of...

Foods to reduce your appetite

Missing meals, as well as reducing the amount of food in an effort to lose weight can lead us to hunger, as it is stated by many experts.

Smart ways to eat carbohydrates

It is one of those forbidden ingredients, which we should not eat when we are on a diet. And this is because we believe that carbohydrates...

A trick to cook healthier French fries

Is there anyone that does not like French fries? The answer is probably no. However, due to the way they are cooked, they can be very harmful to your health

Five foods to fight depression

Depression affects both mental and physical health, so its treatment should both aim to ensure a good overall health.