Film permits for antiquity sites to speed up under upcoming law, Culture Minister says

An upcoming ministerial decision will allow local antiquities departments, or ephorates, to review permits for filming on archaeological sites, Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou said in an interview by Epsilon TV on Friday.

Asked to comment on delays in the permit process, Koniordou said: “In order to relieve the backlog of permit applications at the Central Archaeological Council (KAS), local antiquities ephorates (which are overseen by the ministry) will take over.”

Requests related to large archaeological sites registered with Unesco, like the Acropolis, or a series of sites such as filming involving the sites of Sounion, the Acropolis and Eleusis, will come under the jurisdiction of the KAS, she clarified.

In relation to e-ticketing, which was introduced at 11 archaeological sites and museums in the country in July and also allows online reservations, the Culture minister said that returns totaled 9.3 million euros in a month, and 143,995 euros in online eticketing the first two weeks.

Source ANA-MPA


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