FFF5 exhibition ‘Unconformities’ to be first-ever contemporary art exhibit at Acropolis Museum on May 2-16

In the project ‘Unconformities‘ put together by the French and Lebanese artists Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, the Acropolis Museum will host the first-ever contemporary art exhibition to be shown within its galleries. The exhibition is produced jointly with the Onassis Cultural Centre, which has invited Hadjithomas and Joreige to Athens for the third time as part of the Onassis Fast Forward Festival 5 – Athens (FFF5).

The mixed-media exhibition focuses on Athens, Beirut and Paris – three cities that “haunt” the two artists – and takes visitors on a journey through the substrata of the three cities, displayed in “borehole cores” of the kind collected by geologists, archaeologists and historians as they search for clues about our past.

It won the Prix Marcel Duchamp, 2017 when presented in Centre Pompidou last year and will be at the Acropolis Museum on May 2-16, while entry is free of charge.

In Unconformities, the city reveals itself in terms of place and time. Veins of clay or copper come to light and become tokens of a different, more moral, poetic and ecopolitical geology, archaeology and eventual self-discovery. Beneath our feet, hidden in the gut of the city, lies a subterranean world full of traces of natural phenomena, ancient settlements, contemporary constructions and deconstructions, impressive foundations and devastating wars.

Presenting the exhibition at the Acropolis Museum on Monday, the two artists that the most fascinating aspect of their project for them were the discontinuities. “There are often sequences from different eras that, due to destruction, can meet in a way. What motivated us were both their traces and their absence, things that were present and absent, visible and invisible at the same time” they noted. Athens and Beirut appeared to have a real connection or discussion between them, they added, noting that their work was not only about the past but also the future.

Source ANA-MPA
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