Current flu “paralyzes” hospitals of country

The current flu in Greece has sharply raised the demand for health services after the mortality it has caused. Hundreds of patients with flu-like symptoms are thronging to on-duty hospitals, alarmed by the growing number of “victims” of the disease – estimated to be over 40 -, making it almost impossible to implement prevention measures of influenza transmission within health units. “In the last on-call of Gennimatas hospital, half of Athens went through it. The world is panicked and even with the slightest symptom is coming. If they do not have a flu, they are in danger of contracted it and if they have, they can transmit it to other patients,” Matina Pagoni the president of the Association of Athens-Piraeus Doctors, noted. Pagoni recommends: “Patients by the time the symptoms start, should stay at home and communicate with their family doctor, who will judge either a simple treatment is necessary or an immediate visit to the hospital.”

The demand for influenza vaccines is also increasing. There are few “negligents” now rushing to pharmacies looking for vaccines. As the Vice President of EOF Ilias Giannoglou said, the 50,000 doses of supplemental order vaccines are expected to be introduced within the week. These are trivalent vaccines that protect citizens against influenza A (H1N1) – the type of virus that prevails – A (H3N2) and B. Experts recommend the scenario of vaccination even now, as the flu is expected to last until the end of March. Even more difficult is expected to make the situation a new wave of bad weather. As the associate of KEELPNO, associate professor of Pathology and Infectious Diseases at the NKUA Sotiris Tsiodras mentioned, during cold weather prevail conditions favoring the spread of the virus. It mainly increases the chance of getting spread indoors, however there are studies that have shown that the flu virus lives more in a cold environment.

Reactions for Polakis

New reactions recorded by Health Minister P. Polakis, who made a statement over this year’s flu activity and the deaths it has caused already. More specifically, he said that “we are living the outbreak of an epidemic influenza. The majority of the strains are H1N1. Its not such a mile virus like last year, since the strain is a bit stronger, but this is not a disaster.” ND marked this statement as “inconceivable”, while KINAL leader Fofi Gennimata commented that “No one can speak about human lives like it is not a disaster,” after visiting the Sotiria hospital yesterday. “Death, like life, requires dignity,” commented the Potami party.

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