2nd International Swimming Games in Kavala

City of Kavala, northern Greece, is going to host the 2nd International Swimming Games “Apostolos Pavlos”, starting on Friday. The largest swimming event of the city will take place at its indoor swimming centre (with a pool of 50m), organised by the Greek Swimming Federation, the two sailing clubs of the city and the Holy Metropolitan of Filippi, Neapolis and Thassos.

The participants consists of top foreign athletes like Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu, James Guy, Christian Golomeev, and many Greeks such as Apostolos Christou, Nora Drakou, Kelly Araouzou, Apostolos Papastamos, Dimitris Negris and Giorgos Arniakos.

Additionally to them, over 700 athletes, 60 of them from abroad, 60 swimming clubs from Greece and abroad (Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Colombia and Cyprus), as well as the Greek national team, are expected to take part in the competition that will run until February 10.

The entry will be free of charge, while the duration is up to Sunday.


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