EU-funded natural gas distribution projects to be tendered off in January 2019

The tendering of projects related to distribution networks for natural gas in 18 cities of the mainland and northern Greece will take place in January 2019, the Public Corporation of Gas Distribution Networks (DEDA) said on Wednesday.

The project is budgeted at 172 million euros, and relates to the regions of East Macedonia and Thrace (56.56 mln), Central Macedonia (40.15 mln) and Central Greece (42.27 mln).

The DEDA said the decision to include the projects under the Regional Partnership Agreements (NSRF 2014-2020) for 18 cities was signed on Wednesday. Half of the funding will come from the EU’s Regional Partnership Agreements and the other half from the already-signed loan with the European Investment Bank totalling 48 million euros and from DEDA capital.

Budgeted costs include the construction and materials except for smart counters, CNG decompressors and measuring stations, which will be tendered off separately at the same time as the main tenders above.

According to DEDA’s timetable, construction crews will have been set up by July 2019 and shall begin work shortly after.

DEDA said the projects will fill in energy shortages, upgrade cities environmentally and improve local economies directly and indirectly.

Source ANA-MPA
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