Onassis Foundation President: New era for transplants in Greece

The Onassis National Transplant Center will make a decisive contribution to the coordination but also the increase of transplants in Greece, the president of the Onassis Foundation Antonis Papadimitriou said in an interview on Friday.

The new Center, which will be built next to the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center but without disturbing its operation, will be ready in three years and its construction will start at the beginning of the new year, he said.

Papadimitriou explained that the new National Transplant Center, like the Cardiac Surgery Centre, will be a public hospital with the support of the Onassis Foundation and the state. He also noted that access will be given to all citizens, whether insured or uninsured. The Transplant Centre will also include a fully-equipped and ultra-modern paediatric clinic, as well as a paediatric cardiac surgery clinic.

Source ANA-MPA
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