Yannis Antoniadis: Audiovisual ‘piracy’ causes huge financial damage to Greece

The financial damage to Greece from film, TV and music “piracy” is significant, the president of the Hellenic Copyright Organization, Yannis Antoniadis, said on Friday in an interview. During the interview, he announced a decision by the Commission for Intellectual Property Internet Infringement to shut down a series of websites showing films, series, subtitles and related content within the next hours.

“There are studies by private entities representing the studios, producers or directors. It is not just the damage to directors, producers, and lost revenue. They have ads and the question is how can advertisements run on an illegal site? Advertisements are given to Ireland and other places and are not given to legal reproductions in Greece,” Antoniadis said.

This is the first decision made by the IP infringements Commission, which started its operation on September 3, 2018. This decision is part of the fight against intellectual property piracy, with the Hellenic Copyright Organization requesting that within 48 hours (the decision was issued on November 6) Greek internet service providers should stop the access to 38 domain names. In the event of non-compliance, the fine amounts to 850 euros per day, while the duration of the interruption of access was set at three years.

Source ANA-MPA
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