KPMG Cyber Security Programme informs parents and students on cyber security

More than 540 students and parents have been trained in how to stay safe when using the internet and protect their personal data online by KPMG’s Cyber Security Programme.

Taking part in KPMG’s global social initiative, and in the context of European Cyber Security Week (ECSM), KPMG Greece in October held the educational presentations “KPMG Global Cyber Days”.

According to the announcement, the aim of these actions was to educate primary and secondary school students and the adults in their environment about the importance of security in the digital world.

Based on the findings of the “Children’s Internet Usage Study” conducted by the “The Center for Cyber Safety and Education in America”, 40 pct of children have connected with or talked to a stranger on the internet and 53 pct of these children have revealed their phone number to someone they did not know. The findings of the same study were worrying, as it was found that 11 pct of the children that had spoken to a stranger on the internet had also met that person and 6 pct had revealed their home address.

The rapporteurs of “Global Cyber Days” Dr. Thodoris Stergiou, Director of KPMG Technology Division, and Dimitra Papachristou, advisor in the same department, visited only five schools in Attica and informed more than 540 students and parents about their electronic security and the ways in which they can to protect their personal data on the Internet.

The programme was held for a second year, with 45 member-countries of the KPMG network participating this year and a total of 80,000 young people around the world receiving training on cyber security. KPMG Greece will continue the initiative, which is among the corporate social responsibility actions for lifelong learning and the fulfillment of the fourth sustainable development goal of the United Nations, due to the high demand from schools.

Source ANA-MPA


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