Refugee children start regular academic year at welcoming facilities and public schools

Refugee children attended their first day of public school on Tuesday, joining Greek children at the opening ceremonies of schools across Greece. It is the third year that refugee children have been enrolled in schools.

Last academic year, over 8,00 refugee children were signed up at schools of all grade levels at regular schools and refugee welcoming centers.

Ministry of Education Secretary General Giorgos Angelopoulos paid a visit to the refugee housing facilities at Eleonas neighborhood in western Athens and observed the boarding of buses for their transport to schools. He then attended the new academic year blessing of the 72nd primary school of Athens and wished parents and children well.

Angelopoulos also noted that by the end of the year, all refugee children in Athens will be attending schools at the welcoming centers, and hopefully more will be attending the Greek public school system.

Source ANA-MPA
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