One dead, one missing after boat capsizes in sea region of Oinousses

A 68-year old Greek-American who was in a boat that capsized on Friday afternoon in the sea region south of the islands complex of Oinousses was found dead on Saturday afternoon.

Three more persons were on the same boat among them the 24-year old daughter and the 22-year old son of the dead along with a 68-year old friend of the dead man.

The woman was found safe in the same sea region early on Saturday by a fishing boat and informed that the other three persons that were with her in the boat were missing. After a while a coast guard vessel located and rescued the 68-year old friend of the woman’s father.

Three coast guard vessels, a Greek navy ship , three private vessels and a Greek army helicopter are taking part in the rescue operation to locate the missing 22-year old brother of the woman.

Source ANA-MPA
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