PPC officials: Most workers at Megalopolis and Florina lignite units to be transferred to subsidiaries

The majority of the workers at the Megalopolis and Florina lignite units put up for sale will be transferred to the subsidiaries that will be split off from the Public Power Corporation (PPC) and pass to the new owners, while the voluntary retirement plan included in the divestment law will probably be significantly reduced, PPC officials said.

The Law on the sale of lignite units (4533/2018) bans the dismissal of personnel transferred from the PPC for six years after the sale takes place but also includes a clause that forbids the PPC from hiring back the staff transferred to the new companies for at least two years, “so as to not jeopardise their economic viability and competitiveness in the first years of their operation.”

Resolving the workforce issue is one of the important factors for the outcome of the tender, as having the necessary staff is essential for the operation of units and mines, on the one hand, while the existence of surplus personnel increases operating costs, on the other hand.

The law provides for the launch of the tender for the sale of units 3, 4 of Megalopolis and of Melitis Florina by the end of May, while the procedures for splitting up the PPC and the recruitment of consultants will have to be settled in the meantime, by the power utility’s board and shareholders.

Source ANA-MPA
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