Professor John Pantis, education ministry’s secretary general, dies after long hospitalisation

Education Secretary General John Pantis, who was responsible among other things for the education of children of refugees, died on Tuesday after a long hospitalization.

Before his appointment as a minister, Pantis  served as a professor of ecology at the Biology department of the University of Thessaloniki. During his long career he was president of the board of the Thessaloniki Port Authority, deputy dean for economic programming and development at the same university, president and vice president of the European Ecological Federation, member of the advisory council on organic product certification in Greece, and president of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos.

Professor Pantis’ academic interests focused mainly in the structure and management of ecosystems and protected areas in general, the biodetection of the impact pollution has in urban environments, environmental education and landscape ecology. He had published a lot of articles in various prestigious international journals and served on the editorial board of several publications in his field.

The Minister of Education Costas Gavroglou, who was a personal friend and the Alt. Minister for Research and Innovation Costas Fotakis extended their condolences to the family.

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