Top EZ official: Concerns over delays in implementation of post-bailout conditions in Greece

Eurozone partners and Brussels continue to express concerns over the Greek government’s delays in implementing a handful of “post-bailout” prior actions, necessary conditions towards releasing a 640-million-euro tranche promised to Athens by European creditors.

The sum at stake is the profits generated by Greek state bonds held by the ECB and other Eurozone member-states’ central banks.

Following numerous reports last week after the end of a Euroworking Group meeting Brussels, a top Eurozone official in Brussels on Wednesday confirmed that “there is a problem” with Greece in terms of implementing the prior actions. However, the same official declined to answer whether there was a problem, on the part of creditors, over the poll-trailing Tsipras government’s unilateral raising of the minimum monthly wage scale in the country.

Nevertheless, the source said the “Greek issue” is not expected to be on the agenda of a Eurogroup meeting on Monday, but rather, at a March 11 session.

The latter is where  a decision will be taken on the six-month 640-million-euro tranche, out of a total of one billion euros available.

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