Final decision on Greece’s budget to be reached at Eurogroup meeting on December 3

The final and official decision on Greece’s state budget for 2019 will be taken at the Eurogroup meeting on December 3, a top eurozone official stated on Friday.

According to the same official, the state budget of all the eurozone member-states will be put on the table on December 3, while in Greece’s case the Eurozone finance ministers will also examine the first post-programme report on the progress of reforms.

On Thursday, the Eurogroup Working Group discussed the issue of pensions cuts and Greece’s draft budget for 2019 so that it is ready to be tabled in the Greek parliament, said the same source.

Finally, the top official clarified that the Greek issue is not included in the agenda of the emergency Eurogroup meeting on December 19, which will focus on the deepening of the eurozone.

Source ANA-MPA
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